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TULUM HOTELS Book Your Best Hotel Room and Rides and Tours with Local Guru, A Driver and Tour Guide in one to Help you Save Time and Money

TULUM HOTELS Book Your Hotel Room Now and Get Unlimited Rides and Tours with Local Guru, A Driver and Tour Guide in one.

Hotels Tulum Welcomes you to Tulum! Book through StayRunners offers Taxi Shuttle Service from Cancun Airport to Tulum and during your Stay in Tulum Unlimited Rides VIP 24/7 Personal Service, and Save Time and Money on your Tulum Vacation for $99 a day! (2022).

You Get first and foremost an awesome hotel room or rooms. We have special deals with all the hotels. Plus you get a Local Guru who will take you to all the cool places through his vast knowledge of Tulum!!

Meet Cesar. Your Tulum Local Guru. You get a Driver Taxi Service for your Tulum Rent a Car. He is not just any ordinary driver. He has lived all his life in the Riviera Maya and knows Tulum inside and out. The best restaurants, cenotes, pyramids, bars, nightlife, parties, tours, hot spots, and beach clubs. He can get you anything you need during your Stay in Tulum. All for a Flat Fee included in your Hotel Room Stay.

Tulum Rent a Car Taxi Service
Cesar can pick you up at the airport, take you to cenotes, pyramids, restaurants night clubs and save you time and money on your vacation to Tulum. He is Your local Tulum Guru.

When you book a StayRunners Local Guru, you get someone who has his or her own car and knows Tulum very well. He or she will pick you up at the Cancun Airport and bring you to your Hotel Room. During your 2 hour ride from the Cancun Airport, he or she will let you know all you want to know about Tulum. As your Personal Helper is already connected in Tulum, he will save you time and money. Don’t worry about anything. Your check in to your hotel will be swift and easy and your ride to your first restaurant will be safe and secure. Your Trusted Local Guru will guide you and help you to Just Enjoy your Tulum Vacation!

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When in Tulum, your Local Guru can bring you to any restaurant of your choice or he can recommend you one and get you the best seats in the house.

Your Personal Helper can also find you good rentals, such as bikes, take you on a private tour of the pyramids, the cenotes, and you get to know the local people and culture through your local gurus’ connections in Tulum. What an Experience!

People love StayRunners Local Gurus because they have:

  1. A local person who knows Tulum well and can help them save time and money.
  2. Unlimited rides and trips to the beach, cenotes, restaurants, and pyramids.
  3. Someone who becomes their friend and through whom they can meet more local people.

Your Local Guru makes his or her money by tips and by giving his or her time, dedication, and attention to you. A Day Pass is $99 dollars a half-day and is available to you as well. Service Available 24/7.

Gas, Milage, and Tips are not included but everything else is!

Imagine a hassle-free day! on your vacation to Tulum and you can just enjoy and relax and know that everything is taken care of for you from a Trusted Service.

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Hotels Tulum the Big Advantage of booking your Room with StayRunners?

You get a hassle-free vacation. There is nothing like arriving to Tulum and being greeted by a friendly person who knows your name. Then you will get all the VIP attention you deserve as, during your drive down to Tulum, your Local Guru will point out all the scenic things along the way, such as Xcaret, 15th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, and many more history. He will tell you how Tulum started as well as Playa del Carmen, and all the stories that come along with your stay in Mexico.

Cesar your Local Tulum Guru knows his facts about Tulum, all the best restaurants, the best vibes.

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