Late Night Pizza Delivery Alcohol Delivery Weed and Vape Delivery to your Door, Tulum Mexico 2023

If you are looking for Late Night Pizza Delivery or how about some Alcohol Delivery or even Weed Delivery…Friends with Fridges can Gift you for a Tip when everything is closed.

Friends with Fridges buy their Alcohol before the liquor stores close, such as the best brands of beer, wine, vodka tequila whisky and more.

alcohol liquor delivery
Alcohol Delivery 24 hours in Tulum

Now it doesn’t stop there you can also get your Flavored Vapes such from all the best brands of Vapes we stock only the best Late Night. Depending on which Friend with Fridge is available, they can get you Fog Formula Vapes

24 hour on demand vape delivery service
StayRunners is your OnDemand Delivery Service.

Now Friends with Fridges have their own personal weed so they can gift for a Tip as the possession of small amounts of Weed is legal in Mexico. So feel Free to order Weed on the StayRunners platform from a Friend with a Fridge.

weed delivery
24 hour On Demand Weed Delivery

StayRunners is your Network Platform to Connect you to a local Friend with a Fridge who can get you Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7. Friends with Fridges are there to keep the good times going and as long as you are over the legal age limit and are not intoxicated and its legal to possess such as Cannabis, Vapes, Alcohol then count on Friends with Fridges to be there for you.

Also Feel Free to order Food from StayRunners late night after the party is over. StayRunners can get you Pizza or Tacos Late Night

StayRunners Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7 Just Enter your City and Choose your items. thats it.