How to Enjoy the best time possible in Tulum Mexico

How to Enjoy the best time possible in Tulum Mexico coming from Hotel 7 builder in Tulum, Mexico

Hi, I’m Graham Alexander. I built in 2007 a Hotel on the beach called Paraiso Beach Hotel. Where there were 24 rooms pool, restaurants, and stores, where now resides the luxury restaurant Rosa Negra. Now I can tell you from my experience.

Tulum is a beautiful place. But it’s divided up into 4 areas in my opinion. You have the beachside fun area by Rosa Negra, Downtown, Aldea Zama Village, and the Ruins.

If you just arrived from New York or Chicago or anywhere for that matter. And you are looking for some inside info on the best places to chill on the beach or around town.

Before booking, I recommend it. You look at Aldea Zama Village, a secluded place in between town and the beach, and a luxury area.

How to Enjoy the best time possible in Tulum
Travel Tulum: The historical ruins with wonderful beaches in Mexico

How can you book?

You can find out more by clicking on any of these links of or Airbnb. Now if you are really looking for a top-notch place, then the new hip places on the beach are Nomade. Be Tulum or the Nest.

If you are looking for a chill place on the beach to have some tacos, then you can’t miss Taco Eufemia. Now he started his empire on my beach pad many years ago. And I’m very glad to see that Ceasar has done a bang-up job around Tulum.

You can also try the best pizza on earth, none other than La Onda right from the Italian himself, Mateo. You can also try the best tacos from another good friend of mine.

It’s called Mateos and he claims to have the best Fish Tacos on the planet. And if you ever need groceries, liquor, wine, or anything delivered late at night.

StayRunners offers to deliver service to your door 24/7. It allows you to enjoy your time and your vacation to the maximum. If you have any suggestions, please free to comment?