Now I have been studying what Jesus said all along to his final death on the cross. I can say now that based on combining the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and PI, the physiology of the mind and what it all means, GOD is BELIEF.

What do I mean by GOD is Belief. It is very simple. Anything you believe will come true over time, in the same way God is Belief which is the defining point about GOD. GOD is infinite. It is the center of a hurricane, the galaxy, the universe, a spec of everything, of everything ie infinity. GOD is the Belief and the firm belief that GOD exists. Beliefs are further affirmed through rituals, it strengthens GOD or in other words, Strengthen Belief, So the more powerful you Belief the more powerful GOD becomes, and then GOD is the ultimate judge and as Belief is GOD, you will be judged based on your belief. This is why all is based on mathematics, the 3 6 9, along with the accumulating diversion of numbers to the infinte, which is infinte on both the circle side in, and circle side out, so the swirl is also infinite as a perfect circle does not exist due to the fact that the the circumfrance divided by the diameter is infinte, with therefore connects GOD with BELIEF

That is how GOD exists and how Anything you believe CAN AND WILL COME TRUE, INCLUDING ETERNAL LIFE. and by believing in the SON of GOD, you now believe in the Trinity, which is the Godly number: 3. The number of days passed before GOD rose.