The other day I spent almost 2 hours in a cab looking for some booze. It was a weekend night and my pals, who were invited for a party at my place, sent me on the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately it turned out to be a failed mission in the end. On my way back, disappointed, I asked the cabbie, “How does the city that never sleeps has no liquor store open past 11 pm?”

He laughed and said, “Haven`t you heard of StayRunners After Hours Delivery Service?”

I was embarrassed to admit that I hadn`t.

He gave me a number to call, and guess what! The liquor I had been looking for for 2 hours was delivered at my door step before I reached back home.

StayRunners is a global delivery service and irrespective of the time you call them, they make things happen. In fact, the StayRunners representative was so cooperative that he even brought me a pack of cigarettes along. Man, this type of service is unheard of. I have been their loyal customer ever since.


To be honest, this is service at its best. So, after hours, after the last call at the bars and restaurants, when there is no liquor to be found, StayRunners hooks you up with one of its Friends with Fridges. These Friends with Fridges always have some liquor in their fridge which they are happy to share it with you for no cost; just a delivery fee for their effort, that`s all.

You either call them directly or fill up a small delivery form with essential information such as the kind and quantity of liquor you want, your phone number and any special instructions you want to add. And that`s it! Yep, that`s all you need to do. A polite and respectful StayRunners rep will call you to confirm the order, let you know about the delivery fee you`ll be paying and estimated time of delivery. And before you know it, your new found Friend with Fridge will show up at your doorstep with the liquor you wanted.

That`s not all though. At StayRunners we live by the motto, “Your Convenience, Our Pleasure.” You can even order cigarettes along with your liquor delivery. We believe we are changing the world one after hour liquor delivery at a time. It`s true, some superheroes possess the power of showing up at your doorstep with the liquor you need after hours.


Absolutely! We are only providing a referral service to a Friend with Fridge, who is gracious enough to bring the liquor you need, free of cost, only charging you delivery fee. In fact, there is no regulation against it in NY. We don`t keep liquor at a warehouse or even a shop.  We just help make new friends. You may ask, why do these friends do that? Well, they have been there themselves. Haven`t we all? How many times have we run out of liquor and cut short an awesome party in the middle? Well, no more! Friends with Fridges are going to revolutionize the service aspect of the liquor availability after the last call. And we are more than delighted to call it our brainchild.



Well, other than a million happy reasons (moments) provided by us late night when there is no liquor to be found, these are some obvious reasons for choosing us:

  • We are the trend and market setters. Friends with Fridges is our brainchild and even though there a number of copycat services available now, we are loved by our clients for the service and convenience we have been providing over the years.
  • We are a global network. This means that you can literally send us a message or call and someone from StayRunners family is going to get back to you in a jiffy.
  • We have restaurants, bars, and liquor and smoke stores as our trusted partners all around North America. So, no matter where you live, we are always a few minutes away from bring your liquor delivery at your doorstep.
  • Our Friends with Fridges have literally all kind of booze in their fridges all the time. Hence, you drink what you like as opposed to what is available, as is the case with copycats.
  • Last but not least, we love you and want to be an eternal part of your happy times and happy memories.

CEO`S MESSAGE                                           

“Hi, I am Graham Alexander, CEO of the StayRunners Global. I had always been in business since my early 20s but an incident in Tulum, Mexico in 2016 changed my perspective of life and business forever. 300 armed Mexican thugs robbed me of my hotel which had put my blood and sweat into. And just like that, I lost everything in a matter of minutes.

When I decided to start StayRunners in 2018 in Vancouver, my biggest aim was to provide my clients with the trusted and safe delivery service after hours, after the last call at the bars and restaurants. Idea was to be of service to my fellow Canucks fans. Little did I know that within a few years this service will turn into a global movement. StayRunners became my life, my passion, my purpose. Superior service and ultimate convenience was the reason that I received so much love from my clients – most of whom are still my good friends.”


Every year, hundreds of innocent people become a victim of DUIs. Such accidents, often fatal, change lives forever. We at StayRunners are out to end this unnecessary evil. Not only will you reach home safely but we will make sure that the party and good times don`t stop there. You can continue drinking and having a good time at the comfort and safety of your home, courtesy of StayRunners and its partners.

We discourage drunk driving and encourage good times.

We save lives and help you create lasting memories.

We love you Brooklyn and can bet, you are going to love us too!