love 369

What is Love as it pertains to 3 6 9, The Golden Ratio, and the Keys to the Universe?

Three Great Mathematicians Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstien, and Nicola Telsa did their best to apply what they learned in their times to advance Enlightenment.

Now we combine their basic learnings, into one key principle that is defined by mathematics which is LOVE.

As Einstien perfectly stated in his letter to his daughter, Love is God and God is Love.

Tesla said very famously that by knowing the significance of 3 6 and 9 one holds the keys to the Universe.

Finally, Da Vinci used whenever he could, the golden ratio, which is used by the Creator all for the fundamental being of life.

Finally, we can illustrate below how God is truly Love and Love is God.

Take a look at where you are right now. It is fair to say, during night or day, you are surrounded by frequencies. Those frequencies have energy. In front of you above you below you and around you, frequencies from all wavelengths are vibrating, let it be sound, thought, FM radio, cellphone packets, satellite frequencies, gamma frequencies, they are all there. An infinite amount of frequencies. you just cant see 99.99…..9% there will always be more frequences as there is an infinite possibility or 9999999999999 as it is infinite and invisible to the eye.

This explains quite simply that there is no space or time, as all that there is and all that there ever will be is on the laws of frequency. What is holding us from one side of the universe to another? nothing at all.

Frequence. The Divine frequency in which the universe propagates is 432 Hz, or 4+3+2 is 9. Love being Energy Vibrating at all Frequencies, the Universe connects at 432. Now Life is from the Golden Ratio, all things that are created come from DNA, which is based on the golden ratio. All life starts with 3 things, protons, neutrons, and electrons, in the atom. The atom is the smallest form of life. DNA is based on the Golden Ratio.

It consists of 3, as in John 17:22 that we are all one with God. This explains why Time and Space do not exist. As we are all one, those and that who are clean and clear with the light. the light is all frequencies.

When we refer to us being clear with the light. light is all frequencies.

Now the golden ratio is connected to 3 6 9 by taking 3 and multiplying it by the golden ratio and the sum of the numbers is 3, same goes when you multiply the golden ratio by 6 the sum is 6, and the same for 9.

With all this being explained, it is now clear that God, or Love, is One with Us, as we are to God and His sone, his only son. explaining the meaning of 3, and connecting with energy, time, space, frequency, and energy. all connected to God as ONE.

Love Simply is everything and anything, consider that all frequencies is all frequencies and their amplitude and energy is a Function of LOVE. The Key to our universe is LOVE.