In your life, you may be doing something or anything that at some point along the process you may feel that it’s pointless and then stop and move onto something else.

Sitting in a jail cell in Mexico, when my neighbors threw me behind bars as they wanted a piece of my land and I instructed one of my employees to put their water tank back on their side of the property line, or when I was filming a reality pilot and was thrown in jail with all my actors as the corrupted mayor wanted money from each one of us before we got out of jail.

Today I put myself in that jail cell again by putting my mind back into the time when I was inside those jail cells and the feelings I had being locked in a cage and not let out until the process was completed.

In both instances and in particular, the first one was when the neighbor purchased a police officer and worked for my neighbor to ensure I was in jail and the second was with a very greedy mayor who was just elected and wanted to start collecting money for her lavish vacation she was planning in europe and this was the opportunity to collect $5,000 per head.

I only felt at peace in those jail cells knowing that the process would be done, I would be let out shortly after and when I felt the fact that I needed to do something but couldn’t I was there with my mind going into worry, anxiety, and stress mode.

Hence for any great athlete or self made business man or woman, there are such compelling reasons to trust in the process. There are so many times that a game can be won or lost, depending on how much time is left, but if you have a clock in business where you take your project to the death, all you need to know is it’s either that or death.

Even if everything is taken away from you, and I mean everything, the only thing that is keeping you standing is your will to move forward in whatever adventure it is. A process is anything that takes you from one end to the other and during that time when you are deep inside the process, you can set your eye on the end and say boy o boy how far I am from that point or you can say and have faith in yourself and your abilities that with further effort towards that end point, ie the process, you will step slightly closer forward, independent of the time from you want it, it’s based on that process being done and you are in control of that process.

This is why it is my firm belief that the further down you go while you still maintain yourself above water, and take one arm and move it forward to the shore, it’s still one arm closer to the end point and the more you go then the faster you get yourself to that shoreline and that is when you can say you did it. Then move onto the next process.

When you look over the sea, and you see yourself swimming to shore…you feel those fights of sheer panic, of confusion and of trying to solve the problem yet not knowing what to do or where to go. But keep in mind you are watching yourself from the shore as you struggle.

You remember and you feel and focus on those moments when the process is beyond reach, when you feel that you can’t or you wont and as a result, you say to yourself deep down inside that somehow, someway, I did not give up Hope, and by not giving up and having faith and trusting the process, you know that one day you will glide to shore and all that panic and anxiety and stress and worry was all for nothing because if you just trust in the process, all will be just OK in the End, whatever that end Is.

If I die or you die in the process of achieving whatever it is you are aiming for, it is still of great avail as you literally in the next life or world where we go, we aimed to get something from our time down here on earth, which was whatever you set your mind to at any given moment and working towards your aim and enjoying the process all the good and all the obstacles along the way.

You will never be able to say when looking back on your life that I was proud that I gave up on this, or I gave up on that no matter the circumstances as we as humans are here to find a way to get to where we want to go and what our minds are set to do as that is the beauty of our minds, we are here to move forward on what we wanted in our childhood dreams and aim towards that always is our purpose here on earth, and having faith and trust in the process because the Universe is Aspiring to Give us what we want. forever and ever. AMEN