The More You Buy the Less You Pay Delivery Whatever Whenever Wherever Vancouver BC Canada

StayRunners late night delivery service allows you to purchase Alcohol Vapes Cannabis and more from Friends with Fridges who have some extra they can gift for a tip as long as you are over the legal age limit and not intoxicated.

All the tax has already been paid. The Best Brands to keep your night going are stocked by Friends with Fridges who are there to Gift you their Alcohol when the stores are closed. Cannabis and Vapes as well.

StayRunners prides itself in being your Network to connect you with your Delivery Driver. Friends with Fridges post what they have available and you add to your shopping cart and pay on delivery. They take cash, etransfer, debit crypto and more.

Pay Less when you buy more

Our Algorithm is based on the Fibonacci Series of Numbers, which go down to the cost of the product as you buy more. We cover off the delivery fee on the first product so the Friend with a Fridge can pay for their gas and time to get to you. Then as you add more products to the shopping, cart the price goes down via the GOLDEN RATIO…1.61828 so that you pay Less per item.

As illustrated above, the price of a 6 pack of beer with delivery goes from 45 down to 17 dollars by the time you add 7 products to the basket.

“Order as much as you can on each order, so your cost goes down, as each Friend with a Fridge needs to cover their gas and time so if you order more, your cost goes down and its a win win as you save money”

The idea of after hours prices being out of reach is no longer the case. With the Golden Ratio, everything becomes more affordable to keep the good times going for you tonight

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