24 Hour Alcohol Delivery Montreal

The Founder of StayRunners Worldwide Incorporated


The Founder of StayRunners, Graham Gordon Alexander Aguilar (aka Alcohol the Rapper) and the inventor of the 24-Hour Virtual Liquor Store wants to declare a message to all his fellow citizens in Canada and America. You will now have a Friend with a Fridge in your neighborhood to keep the good times going.

I know you all have had this discussion with your buddies before. Who’s gonna drive? We all are drunk already? And we do need more alcohol! We got you. Don’t leave the house, it’s late and the cops would get you. Our fast and sober superheroes will deliver the stuff you need. Then, you don’t even have to move a muscle.

StayRunners is known for delivering whatever, whenever, wherever, just as a 24/7 personal virtual concierge. We do 24-hour liquor and alcohol delivery through its Friends with Fridges network across North America.


What’s a friend with a Fridge? It’s it a team of fast superheroes? Huh, how fast exactly? Well, not as fast as Flash but yeah, good enough to not get a speeding ticket and still manage to deliver your favorite liquor on time right to your doorstep. These friends will give away their own alcohol that they’ve bought for their personal consumption, whenever you need it.

That’s right when the liquor stores are closed in your area and you run out of liquor, and you need a friend to keep the good times going with your favorite Vodka, Wine, Rose, Wine, Beer, or Champagne, contact StayRunners.

If you have questions regarding the legality, please check this out https://youtu.be/CWhwFIpXmMo

If the Delivery Fee is Right, then they will gift their extra liquor kicking around their house or apartment, shack, tent, you name it, in exchange for a delivery fee. These friends with fridges are superheroes, who are more than happy to keep the good times going and staying up late at night for your enjoyment. As soon as they deliver to you, they’d be heading to another party location where there is a shortage of liquor. Isn’t that exciting?


You can be a fast and efficient Superhero with StayRunners and make some extra income.


What series are you watching tonight on Netflix? Let me guess… Cocomelon, Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, All American, Outer Banks.

How about skipping some episodes and making some good money instead? You know how to buy stuff from the store, and you know how to drive. And that’s it! That’s all we need from you.  

If you are a student, worried about your student loan, or someone else struggling financially? Looking forward to making some extra cash? Then, StayRunners is for you. All we need is brave, street-smart folks with good decision-making ability. Then, Pick up some stuff for a fellow citizen around your location. Our customers look for Cigarettes, Vapes, Liquor, Food, Weed and deliver everything anytime during the day or night.