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Cool Ride – Get a Taxi Uber Lyft Cab with Alcohol Liquor Cannabis Weed Vapes Delivery. 24 Hours After Hours – Vancouver

Need a Ride Now? Get a Uber Taxi Cab Lyft from a Friend with a Fridge. COOL RIDES are Rides with Drivers who work with Uber Taxi Cab or Lyft and are on their time off and have some of their personal Alcohol, Cannabis, and Vapes in their vehicle to Gift to you for a Tip upon arrival at you destination.

Your Alcohol Delivery, Vape Delivery and Weed Delivery is in your Drivers car. Book your Cool Ride Here with or call +1 778-244 8695.

Save Money, Your Driver will have his own personal liquor full of Alcohol, Vapes, and Cannabis from Licensed Stores. They are available for you upon Delivery of you Safely to your Destination

Get a Safe Ride all with the Best Deal in town. Pay with Cash E-Transfer on Online Banking. Satisfaction Guaranteed. StayRunners Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7. The Trusted Service Globally.

Cool Rides are the coolest thing, as you no longer need to worry about the liquor, cannabis, or vape store being closed in your city. Cool rides where the Drivers have Coolers packed with your favorite goodies. With Cool Rides you get a safe ride from a Licensed Uber, Cab, Taxi, or Lyft Drivers who are on their time off or between Rides and will gift you some of their Extra Alcohol, Beer, Wine, Vodka, Whisky, Cannabis, Weed, and Vapes kicking around their vehicle for a Tip. They only pick the best brands for themselves and are extending this gift to you when everything is closed or not nearby.

You must be over the Legal Age Limit and not intoxicated to receive this gift in exchange for a per determined Tip. With Cool Rides, you get a safe trip and alcohol liquor vapes or cannabis upon arrival at your destination.

Book your Cool Ride Here with or call +1 778-244 8695. Save Money with the Best Deal in town.

Cool Rides from Friends with Fridges are better value than a ride during normal hours of a Uber or Cab Driver. Save money and save the hassle of going to the liquor store or when the stores are closed, you will arrive at your destination with no more Alcohol, Cannabis or Vapes. No need to worry we got you covered now.

Friends with Fridges buy products such as Budweiser Beer, Ciroc Vodka, Crown Royal Whisky, Cannabis and Flavored Vapes from Licensed stores and have them handy to gift to you for your safe ride home. Or maybe you are going to a Park or to the Beach or the Mountain? It doesnt matter where. StayRunners is there for you 24/7. Of Course your Friend with a Fridge cant drink and drive but he or she can give you the best personal service like all our Friends with Fridges across North America.

All cars have passed the safety tests for Uber, Lyft, or Taxis and your drivers are licensed to pick up and drop off, and in this case, Friends with Fridges.

StayRunners is helping to keep the streets safe, while helping the community by giving rides where needed and for those who don’t have to look for more alcohol, vapes, or cannabis as the Uber, Lyft, or Taxi Drivers already have it in their car, and all products are available for consumption once the Ride is completed and the Friend with a Fridge is at their home and a Tip has been giving to the Cool Rider.

Cool Rides operates as a 24 Hour Liquor Store with a safe ride home

This keeps you safe with your designated driver and keeps the good times going at your destination. StayRunners works with ordinary people trying to make a bit extra for their family and at the same time, helping a need in the community.

Drivers love Mr. Fog Vapes. Vape Delivery Vancouver all in your Drivers Car.

These Vapes come in all flavors and maximum Nic, so you can enjoy each puff to its maximum. For Formula Vapes come in many flavors such as peach, strawberry, kiwi, and more. Why do Vape Delivery or go to the Store when Friends with Fridges carry these products for their own personal use and have some extra to gift to you for a tip.

Indika, Sativa, Hybrid, edibles, joints, and more. Weed Delivery.

Friends with Fridges have Sourz and they come in various flavors. Sourz Strawberry and Mango Flavor giving you a great all body High maximizing both Sativa and Indika Strands for a full body experience. Most Friends with Fridges will have these products in their car so that they can gift to you for a tip.