StayRunners launches shopping cart on its 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store Platform

Vancouver, October 28, 2021

StayRunners 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store is pleased to announce that customers can now purchase online and know the exact delivery fees upfront upon clicking delivery request.

‘We built this company how Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or any other successful company did. We learned what customers wanted first, then worked our way backward. Customers want fast and lowest price delivery for their products, and we are sourcing Friends with Fridges North America, Australia, and Europe to gift liquor in exchange for a tip for those who are over the legal age limit and are not intoxicated’ quoted the founder of StayRunners, Graham G Alexander

StayRunners is now servicing customers across North America, in Canada, USA, and Mexico, and is now growing to Australia, England and Ireland with its unique business delivery model.