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Smirnoff Vodka is the most popular vodka in North America with StayRunners 24 Hour Alcohol Delivery. Most Vodkas have a similar taste, but the Smirnoff Brand has been strong for centuries.

In the 1930s, Vladimir Smirnov, Pyotr’s son, was forced to sell the rights to the Smirnoff brand to a Russian émigré named Rudolph Kunett. Kunett then moved the production of Smirnoff to the United States and marketed it as a luxury vodka. However, it wasn’t until the 1940s that Smirnoff became widely popular in the US, thanks in part to a marketing campaign that promoted the Moscow Mule cocktail, which was made with Smirnoff vodka.

Today, Smirnoff Vodka is owned by the British company Diageo and is one of the best-selling vodka brands in the world.

Friends with Fridges usually stock Smirnoff Vodka, but they may also stock other types of Vodka such as Grey Goose, Titos Handmande Vodka, and New Amsterdam.

You can also make some extra money delivering Smirnoff Vodka by having some extra bottles in your home and be able to gift for a tip to people who are over the legal age limit and not intoxicated.

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