Resilience: Hell In Paradise Tulum Mexico and Against all Odds

This is a small story about a Man who struggles to get his hotel back in Tulum Mexico, namely ParaYso with a Y. His Name is Graham Gordon Alexander Aguilar, and is the Founder of StayRunners – Friends with Fridges, and his hotel was taken away, demolished, and all with the corruption, weapons, and threats and intimidation yet there is still a fighting chance…

And the story goes…

I grew up in North Vancouver, born in Mexico, Oaxaca Mexico, and my parents brought me to Canada when I was only 6 months years old. My father was Gordon Stanley Alexander, and my mother Julia Pricila Aguilar Juarez.

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My father was born in Vancouver Canada at the Vancouver General Hospital on August 13, 1927 and was the first son of two boys, Gordon and John. My dad worked at the shingle mill and loved to travel and met my mother in Oaxaca Mexico, when she was only 19 years old. My father was 20 years her older and there they had me in Reforma, Oaxaca City on December 14th, 1968.

I had a loving upbringing, with my father always taking us to school and was later a crossing guard at the Lynn Valley Elementary School. He would bring us up loving Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer. My brother and I favorite sport was Baseball as we use to go to Seattle to watch the Mariners games at the King dome.

jc rotary little league baseball team

One time he took us to Los Angeles to meet his friend Baden Parker, and after going to disneyland he took us to a Los Angeles Dodgers game which I would never forget. It was against the Chicago Cubs and we where way in the upper deck with our gloves waiting for a ball to be hit to the top decks.

It was such a memorable moment for me as my Dad loved baseball, and I began to love it too to watch and I use to practice with my  brother when we came back to Vancouver, day after day to become good baseball players.

Later at 12 I was part of the JC Rotary Baseball Little League Alstar team where we made it to he Provincials and beat Trail, who went on to Williamsport, PA for the little league world series. I always tried to excel in everything I did, especially when my Dad was there to watch me or to encourage me.

Later in Los Angeles my Dad with Baden Parker again was telling Baden I was good in math and one day I could be an electrical engineer like him or do something great, something like a technology company, I always kept this close to my heart as I grew older when I realized that professional baseball players come from the southern USA areas where they can practice all year long and become the best.

One thing I did learn at a young age is that if you want to be the best you have to practice and practice. So around 15 and 16 I decided to abandon sports and my inspiration to become a professional baseball player and set my heart on being a great entrepreneur, as I began to watch a man named Richard Branson, who my dad explained to me he was a great business genius.

Ever since then I inspired to become great one day, possibly in technology because my math was good and computers was coming of age, so throughout grade school, up through till grade 10 I was getting C+, or C– or barely pass as I didn’t see the value in excelling in school until I realized that I needed to be at the top of my class in certain subjects to go on to UBC to become an Electrical Engineer as my dads good friend once said in Los Angeles.

I then rose to the top of my class as I set my mind to becoming the best as I practiced and would go out less and spend less time playing and more time focussing.

I got my first year in schooling at Capilano College, where I took my first year in Science and went on to attend UBC as an Electrical Engineer.

Upon finishing I realized that none of this schooling guaranteed me to become one day like Richard Branson, a highflying Entrepreneur and realized I needed to excel in Sales. So I became a salesman at Future Shop selling computers then onto become a Stockbroker where I learned the art of salesmanship and securing trust in clients.

After this, I now reflect, I was rising to the top as a stockbroker, when I lost my license and then i started as a promoter and then a developer where I built a subdivision in Chilliwack, British Columbia and did that with persistence and believing in myself and having faith, a hard task to accomplish but with perseverance i did it, along with getting my partner in life in mexico, Monica where we built an oceanside paradise.

This is where I set my mind to retire. I was making a very good income from my hotel, i built a beautiful resort on the beach. I bought the property in 2004 for $100,000 and today worth millions and between then and now, I built a resort with 24 rooms, a spa, a seaside restaurant, a pool, and in the heart of Tulum, which is now one of the top places in all of the world.

But in 2016 the paradise was taken away by a group of thugs under the authorization of the then governor and currently incarcerated Roberto Borge and then the fight for my livelihood and life which I never did imagine commenced.

There was some articles at the time written by the Globe and Mail and the New York Times… which seem so long ago but they are always in the back of my mind as 300 men took over the lands with machettes, tear gas, and threats of violence.

300 men armed with weapons, mace, trucks, and with corrupted government officials from the state office came in and raided my place, with 15 other hotels across the beach of Tulum, throwing our guests and all our belongings on the street, then later taking all our belongings with no regards for any humanity.

As the ripped down my generators and my wind turbine, they where heard saying “how much do you think we can get for this?” looking onto my battery control system which i spent years perfecting. After taking all our belongings, they threatened us all of us to never come back again or we will take you out.”

Right now there is a Beach Side Restaurant called Rosa Negra, which is controlled by a Mexico City Group.

I had to learn very quickly as the bandits were prepared from every angle to keep the place for themselves, Well of course they saw a foreigner vulnerable and at the time, a dispute began for the whole beachside as to if the land was titled land or what is called ejido land.

I then took the case to Washington DC on the international tribunal where the judges from Switzerland, Sweden and Columbia ruled that this case is a national case needing the attention of the Federal Judicial Body, namely Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico.

In a recent filing with the President of Mexico, the President has stressed the importance that the Federal Judge overseeing the case must comply with the orders handed down by the Supreme Court, and deal with my case as an individual manner and the rule of law must be followed as it is of national importance that Amparos be fullfilled and executed in its entirety by the Federal Judicial Body.

I needed it to bring it to the attention to the head of the government unit and to the head of Internal Affairs on a national basis so that they can see that the corruption was at an entire nation level in conjunction with the state, so that the final process can proceed and hence truth and justice could prevail in the end: ie resilience and persevere knowing in my heart that for every negative, comes a double positive in the end.

After losing 4 times, in January 19, 2019 I won my case and all that was left was the execution of the sentence and now 4 years have gone by with now the final steps is left as every office from the International Courts in Washington DC, to the President of Mexico, the Supreme Court and the 27th district appeals court are all waiting for the 4th District Court Judge to execute the final sentence to give back what was taken many years ago, and commence the journey of building back a great place that was once was….

If the objective of repossession is achieved, it will solve a problem for hundreds of people across the oceanfront of Tulum as many have been stuck in limbo and now with this historic case, it could put an end to a conflict that has lasted for over 80 years.

Written by the Founder of StayRunners, Graham Gordon Alexander Aguilar. Who Built ParaYso Hotel in Tulum Mexico in 2007.

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