Bachelorette Party in Vancouver

Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party In and Around Vancouver

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Vancouver bachelorette party plan for your loved ones?

If yes, don’t worry we got you covered. Step out of your home with your group and have some fun. Let’s forget the word stress and relax for a few days.


  1. Theme Party
  2. Let’s have some Fun
  3. Let’s Dive into Water before Diving into the Relationship
  4. You Will Never Forget

Here we are with the whole new idea of a bachelorette party that will be unforgettable and the entertainment will be on top.

So, if you are excited about your bachelorette party then we are excited to serve you with the 24 Hour virtual liquor store with Friends with Fridges.

Wedding season is upon us and we are planning to fulfill your desire and no matter what your bride-to-be is into, we are going to cover from glam to chill and you will count it as the most fascinating party of your life.

Here we go with the perfect bachelorette party for you :-

Theme Party

Let’s organize it well and have some entertainment in life. When we think about a bachelorette party, we think about what to pack.

First, we will decide a color for you, let’s say black, all of you need to wear black and opt to go with ‘ hot sassy mess ‘ and with a perfect morning messy bun. And this is a theme party so the decoration will be in black too. 

Let’s have some Fun

Bachelorette Party in Vancouver

As immature and attractive it sounds…. Butlers in the buff are one of the best investments we will make.

Many girls do not know each other and this is the best way to break the barriers and create a comfort zone all around. Butlers will entertain and it will be a perfect addition to a lazy morning.

They will serve you food, drinks and even organize some games. And if this isn’t your cup of tea…. We have a lot waiting for you.

Starting with a lazy morning to raise a glass for the bride-to-be, we will organize everything perfectly for you Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

Courtesy of the StayRunners Virtual Friends with Fridges Social Network 24/7. Call us at 604-725-4961.

Let’s Dive into Water before Diving into the Relationship

You might be thinking about what we are trying to say? Here, we are talking about a pool party, which will be exciting. There will be a cocktail party with different rules.

We will call some new guys at the party and we will have a cocktail game which will be like the person who is making the cocktail will present it differently, and the worst drink maker will have to perform sensual acts.

Bachelorette Party in Vancouver

You Will Never Forget

The bride’s wedding will be stunning and she has an eye on what looks good and would appreciate doing something artistic.

If you have painted any night event before, let’s just make it real. Live your fantasy in a night, be a bold character for a day. Come up with your sexiest character and live that day like it’s the last.

We will try to make all your fantasies and desires come true. You will never forget this bachelorette party and will never regret your decision of allowing us to serve you.