Lakhveer’s Blog

Hello Everyone, My name is Lakhveer Singh. I am from India and now am living in Winnipeg. Before moving to Winnipeg, I have been living in Montreal, where I’ve completed my education. Earlier, I didn’t know much about Stayrunners, but eventually, I learned that this is an entrepreneurial platform that provides employment as well as an opportunity to start your own business.

StayRunners is offering a 24-hour delivery service that includes — Food delivery, Liquor Delivery, Alcohol Delivery, Beer Delivery, Wine delivery, Medicine delivery, Cigarette delivery, Vape delivery, Grocery delivery & Convenience store items delivery, which I believe is great especially to keep people safe during a pandemic. We are still not out of the woods and StayRunners is trying to help the community by making efforts to curb the spread of this gruesome virus that has affected our lives so much.

Lakhveer Singh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

They helped me create my own Google Business Page, educated me about how it is important for all of us to get over this job mentality and be our own boss. Like many of us, who think about how to start our own business but have no clue where to begin, at some point in the past, these guys were at the same stage and I can envision the benefits of sticking with them long term, by working with them as a business partner.

The concept is simple. Every Google Business Page has to undergo a regular learning algorithm to determine if a particular business registered on their platform is getting enough attention. SEO, Marketing, Operations — these guys are the masterminds and they will help you learn all that if you really prove that you can work hard to get what you want.

I would sincerely suggest you all to leverage this opportunity and take your life to the next level. Do your affirmations, write down a plan. Now is the time to jot down the real answer for where do you see yourself in 5 years? You write that down and StayRunners will help you reach that level.