How to Get Liquor Delivery In Canada After Hours when the Liquor Store is Closed (Full Guide 2021)

Have you ever wondered how you can get liquor delivery after hours when the liquor stores are all closed? Friends with Fridges is the solution.

For Liquor Delivery in Toronto Vancouver Montreal Calgary Edmonton, the biggest cities in Canada, sometimes you are paying large fees for both the liquor and the delivery. Another name for this is After Hours. The common names out there are companies like Dial a Bottle or Midnight Express. However these great places are limited by the hours as they must buy from the local restaurants that offer off-sales which allows them to deliver and re-sell the liquor.

However Friends with Fridges is as new Canadian Concept, that allows for 24 Hour Liquor delivery and its completely legal. How is that? Well first of all, the company StayRunners, unlike Google where Google finds you what you want, these guys GET you what you want, and I stress the word get. What happens is that when you enter on their search bar what you want, the system automatically assigns a runner who could be a friend on the network who has some extra personal liquor kicking around at his house which he or she is willing to give away to you in exchange for a delivery fee.

So you can literally enter whatever it is that you need brought to you, and they get it including Liquor! Ie the Canadian Friends with Fridges Liquor Delivery Network. 24 Hours a day. Now its not just liquor, anything that a runner can bring you when a store is open such as groceries pet food nutrition anything you can find in a store, saving you lots of time and money. Don’t you just hate those lineups? and the time of just running around and finding stuff.

So the next time you need After Hours Liquor Delivery…I recommend giving StayRunners a try, they are fast, efficient and friendly. The question I ask you is have you ever forgotten to go to the liquor store before it closes?