Get your perfect Mindset from the Fibonacci Numbers Tesla the Golden Ratio by perfecting your psychology

I have been working on my invention of the Mobile Hotel as well as the growth of StayRunners platform, I could not help to notice how our Universe, a Hurricane, and display of one’s mindset can all be explained by one simple formula.

I have been doing what it takes to increase my belief in myself, my team, my company, and my focus and drive. I pasted on my wall reminders in particular locations and then by accident, I found how one leads to the other.

I found that if you start with a belief, that belief is what you can become, you can do what is called 

autosuggestion, or self programming of one’s mind, as noted in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Once you affirm this belief, you then go to the step to tell yourself and to take action in the form of Effort or in other words, do the things that need to be done to aim towards your belief.  

Once you have done that step and you are satisfied that you have moved forward to that step, you then have Gratitude and give thanks to the Infinite Intelligence through meditation which then goes to the next step which is your Belief Again.

However, there is one catch. We all know that if we work towards a Belief or a goal, eventually over time, you will and can achieve it! This is explained by the spiral effect of getting closer and closer to the center, which is when your true self is, matching the belief in your mind with its reality.  This spiral effect can be demonstrated through mathematics, via the  Golden Ratio, Pie as an infinite number, and the fibonacci numbers.