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EXchange Hotel Vancouver – Are you looking to Book a VIP Stay – All your needs taken care of with one contact: Pickup at Airport, Check-in or Checkout, Fridge Filled with your needs such as groceries, food, alcohol, cannabis vapes or whatever? During your VIP Stay: StayRunners have Runners that will be your personal helper before and during your stay so you wont have to worry about a thing, and make your Stay Effortless.

EXchange Hotel Vancouver

VIP Stay include FREE Special Occasion Event Planner through our 24/7 Concierge Desk in EXchange Hotel Vancouver where you can chat anytime 24/7 to get your needs taken care of. Your Event Planner will help you source tickets, tours, rides, groceries, anything or if you forgot your keys somewhere or need anything picked up or dropped off. StayRunners is there for you.

Choose From 1 Queen Size, 2 Double Beds, or 1 King Size Executive Suite in EXchange Hotel Vancouver. Best Rate!

Total Price of Room: From $149 per night (depending on season)

The EXchange Hotel Vancouver is perfectly located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Blocks away is Robson Street, Pacific Shopping Center, the Art Gallery, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, the Convention Center and more. StayRunners has special deals with EXchange Hotel Vancouver to offer you the best friendly service money can buy.

Wedding, Birthday at EXchange Hotel Vancouver? Look no Further, StayRunners specialty is to help you get the best Stay on your next Vacation at EXchange Hotel Vancouver or any Hotels by attaching a Runner to get you say box of Cigars to the Groom, or a Bottle of tequila to your best friends Stag, or maybe his or her birthday.

If you are planning a wedding, a special birthday celebration or something else, we can arrange the gifts, trips back and forth between EXchange Hotel Vancouver, transfer your luggage, greet you or your friends at the airport and take you on a private tour, StayRunners have knowable local guides that know all the great places to see and visit, so you don’t have to worry about anything, including the check-in and check out process: our goal is for you to have the smoothest stay with StayRunners. Your Stay, with our Runners 24/7 serving you.

You can also get a quick scenic ride around town such as Stanley Park, English bay, Granville Island or more. Even Capilano suspension bridge. After your Ride we can take your items back to your room while you continue getting to know Vancouver, if that how you wish to spend your time. Your local guy knows the area very well and will give you a great tour of the city. Chat now for more details on rates.

We pride ourselves in being the personal delivery service for all you enjoyment during your stay at EXchange Hotel Vancouver or anywhere.

If you need your room specially decorated, or stocked with your favourite goodies such as food, groceries, drinks or anything, we have friends with fridges in your city that are there to attend to those deliveries and errends before and during your Stay, as well our 24/7 Concierge Desk reachable by Chat, you can start planning right away with a Live Event Planner.

Your stay will be much more pleasant. All the hassles of not knowing the area, you have a local guy, your friend with a fridge, that can get you whatever whenever wherever 24/7. Lets say you needed help on your special occassion, such as picking up groceries, or gifts, getting someone at the airport, finding the best Alcohol or you name it, local Friends with Fridges have cars that they can pick up drop off your friends, get things for you or drop things off for you. Its clearly the one stop shop for your next special occassion of vacation.

Also there is no need to try to find the best source of Alcohol, Cannabis or Vapes. Weather it be Beer, Vodka, Rum, Champagne, Indika, Sativa, Hybrid, Vapes, E-Pods and anything that the EXchange Hotel Vancouver does not offer, we will bring it to your door fast 24/7.

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StayRunners is there for you. No need to wait for check in process, or scramble with your luggage, find and see new scenic places, or remember gifts, we are your 24/7 Personal Concierge to get you there to your Hotel, to fill your Fridge with anything, Alcohol, Groceries, Vapes, Cannabis, or if you need any Entertainment, all our Friends with Fridges, they know Vancouver, they live in Vancouver and you can get to know more buy having a Friend with a Fridge in Vancouver that can get you anything you want and bring you anywhere you want and help you make your VIP Stay or your Special Occasion the Best Stay Every. StayRunners