Encouragement and the Law of Attraction

Back when I was 6 or 7 years old, my father, Gordon Stanley Alexander, got me and my brother Ramon into baseball. He decided that it was good for us.

I took note of that and I decided to become the best baseball player I could possible be. My father encouraged me and my brother and through constant practice, I became a very good player.

Years later at 12 years old, I led our baseball team to the Little League provincials. When I was 13 or 14 years old, on a family trip to Los Angeles, my father took us to see his friends Jack and Baden.

Baden showed us the offices of the top tech companies like Dell Computers and Intel, and my father knew I was good at math. He wanted me to be like his friend Baden, and because of his encouragement,  I decided i wanted to be an engineer and maybe one day enter into this industry. 

Ever since then the yearning for my need to fulfill what my father’s dream had for me was always in my mind. It continues to be in my mind and over many years of failure in starting up a technology company. I started companies such as Sun Safe, working as an engineer, being a stockbroker, land developer and hotelier. 

Now, my dream and my envision is to once again be able to tell my father with happy tears that I did it, I started StayRunners first with my friends and then on my own.

I can one day say to my father I did it.

I want to tell him that his encouragement at as a young child of 7 or 8 and at 14 to 15 stayed with me all my life. At 52 I continue to do my best to fulfill my promise to my father to make something out of my career and in a big way.