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Great Business Model with StayRunners to Earn Extra Cash in Vancouver, BC

Make and Earn some Extra Extra Cash by becoming a Friend with a Fridge with any extra Alcohol, Vapes and Weed you have to Gift for a Tip late night, mostly Friday and Saturday Night. Get a Free Business Listing, make between $20 to $500 or more a night and learn OnLine Marketing through this new and unique business model. Post your Products and get it to the Customer the Fastest and Cheapest, one step ahead of, UberEats, and InstaCart.

Hi, Im Graham G Alexander, a Canadian Businessman, Hotelier, and Real Estate Developer. As a result and during Covid 19, people called my google business page because they wanted some beer. This is where I was started the business. Since 2018 and to now, we receive Delivery Requests in 80 countries around the globe and are looking to refine our model so that we can give the maximum benefit to our customers and to the community.

All Top Brands of Liquor

Earn and Make Extra Cash

Earn extra money in the market niche of Alcohol, Vapes, and Cannabis. If this post is in any city where the possession of that product is not legal, then please ignore those products. Therefore, Focus only on the products that are legal to possess in your city.

This model is very simple. Its there to help you make some extra cash. You are a consumer or a gifter of products that you buy from a regular licensed store. You have some extra that you are not going to consume or you are going to buy it all to later gift. There are two key conditions. The first is that the receiver of the gift must be over the legal age limit. The second is that at the time of receiving the gift, the receiver must not be intoxicated. You would never give Alcohol to a friend that does not meet those conditions, would you?

The products must be legal to possess and consume. The tip can be anything, as much as the customer wants to pay for this kind act. You can post the Tip you want for each product on your Free Business Page. Your page will list in the City for which you will gift your products. A Big Bonus is you are going to learn about building a Business from scratch. This is the killer business model that you can grow long term.


Drive for GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats? Because if you do, you can make some extra cash while working those. The Business Model of StayRunners works. Its proven in many cities. I encourage you to join as we scale globally with google as our partners.

Make Extra Money

StayRunners makes money because we refer to you the person who wants the product. You receive your Tips directly into your bank account, weather it be cash or online banking. Ask for as big or as small Tip as you want. You choose to take your payments. We collect prior to sending the customer to you, a 9% listing fee. This Fee is discounted off the net TIP to you.

You need to Buy your Products from Licensed Government Stores, where the tax is paid. At licensed Government Liquor Stores the best are the best. Your taxes are paid there and as for Beer and Wine Stores, you pay more for the same product. Cannabis Dispensaries stock some of the best upcoming and new brands. As for vapes, there are stores all over Vancouver that have high quality vapes.

I battle for my Hotel in Mexico against a very tough opponent. Therefore in the meantime, I can help you. My real estate developments in North Vancouver and Muyil, Mexico are taking time. In the meantime, I ask that you join Friends with Fridges as the long term vision I have planned is something so amazing for you..

Learn Online Marketing

Learn about Online Marketing. However, you will learn many things in StayRunners. This applies in any business, weather you are a movie producer, a president of a large corporation, you need to focus on the customer and the person who you are helping and in return, that person will reward you, in this instance its a Tip, but in other instants in can be Encouragement, to Believe in Yourself.

As a result of this, I say that if I can do it. You can Do it. Become a Rapper, a Movie Producer, a Hotelier, that you can do it too! Anything is possible. Imagine a Hotel which you can carry in your luggage when you travel, and it turns into a 3 wheel bike, a bed, and even a living room tent. Thats right, the Mobile Hotel with the 24/7 Service where you plug into one of our stations where you will get Water, Electricity and Internet and travel the world.

I encourage you to stick with StayRunners because long term, you are helping the community and to spread the good word of love, peace and prosperity to all who want to keep the good times going. StayRunners is Whatever, Whenever Wherever 24/7.

Disclaimer: As long as the person who you are gifting the product to is over the legal age limit and not intoxicated, it is your full right to gift for a tip because you are helping that person get what they needed as all the physical stores are closed. Time is not a matter of when you can possess or consume an item, or transfer with a gratuity as it is your personal products.

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