The law of Creation that from the Divine, its stated and thought that at the beginning, which 0 on the infinite scale between positive and negative, as in an Atom consisting of 3, a proton, neutron, and electron, and quarks who also exist in groups of 3, and our body consisting of trillions of these, it is safe to say that all creation starts with the number 3. Also that the scriptures explain in such general detail for the human to understand how it was all created, and for what purpose:

Our purpose here on earth is to be discovered into the unknown. The Divine sent us here into the unknown to be tested to our faith in worshiping our lord, and weather we have a enough belief to believe in him for ever and ever in his kingdom.

Why would he challenge us and send our mind here? And why would he form us from the dirt and then bring us to life for what purpose? Why did God create man? 

God Created us to be Great and Magnificant in his image. You can imagine Yourself, As Gods Image, a Fraction of his mind, a tiny bit of trillions of cells into your mind, you are continuing his glorious and magnificence on this earth!

So As God Created the Universe and the Earth so that we as human beings, can continue the creation of what he has created in heaven, then that is the sign of duplication! To duplicate his greatness and his creation in HEAVEN, as it is on EARTH. And so by creating earth, he has a place where he can BUILD ON HIS CREATION.

Without breathing into the nostrils of Humans, God could not infact continue his mission in heaven he wanted to create a universe and an earth and place a part of him, as he is our image of us, into the earth, and duplicate and to continue the creation, then destory it once its done.

Then he wants only to bring those creators, those that create and do it in his name, back to heaven, because the rest of the bunch are not served in heaven, are not obidient to him, and as a result, can be cast to whomever, such as the devil, or to space in the ever blackness as he wants good people and creators in heaven to bring back further his creation.