Covid Omicron Variant: Three things to protect yourself and your Family (November 21, 2021)

Have you been told to run out and get the vaccine? That you need to wear a mask and to social distance?

These are very important things in the fight against this epidemic as it will be here into the unknown, but much more importantly, one must study the true panoramic way to protect yourself from this latest wave of disease that our world is witnessing.

First I must start with the parameters regarding life and how we were created and why we are here on this earth. Now as Tesla has pointed out, reference always and look to all things that have the numbers 3 6 and 9. In addition, mathematics states that the Golden Ratio, or PHI, is found in all things in life. This is evident in DNA, the source of all life. Three strands twirling and twirling..up and giving life to everything.

Tesla who many of his inventions today like A/C current, believed that 3 6 9 and Golden Ratio are phenomenons to pay close attention to when seen in your daily life.

But what is Covid? Or (SARS-CoV-2)? What is the basis of the basic foundation of this virus? It is RNA, not DNA, RNA is a single strand, not 3 strands that only as 3 stands..the golden ratio, or life as it is presented. (see illustration below)

The golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter Phi, is defined as the ratio where a+b is to a as a is to b. The golden ratio is used in spirals, golden rectangles and many other real world applications such as the basic of life DNA.

The above is so important to note. Without DNA, life can not exist. and RNA can destroy life as shown with the Covid Virus. So now to the World Health Organizations Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern. The Delta, Omicron, and all the variants are here to fight a war against Life. Omicron Variant like all the variants is a mysterious invisible enemy here to destroy, to cause fear, pain, sickness and death. All the opposite of Life, or DNA. It’s the single stand, and not the three strands, as per phi the golden ratio, which is found from Fibonacci series, to the Greek Temples, roses that you breathe from the garden or trees that give us our Oxygen.

Meditation is very important to be in touch with the Universe.

Meditation and water is the only way as the strong powers against us can be conquored with the power we have within our mind.


It’s not the doctors trying to go against cancer, nor the biochemists fighting at racing speed to confront the unknown, an invisible enemy is this one deadly strand that continues to change like gossip in the wind that travels from person to person. It’s the mind and the spirit in the mind that has all the power to conquer this or anything in our lives. 


The laws are very clear, you must have a clear mind of good health, and you clean your body of all the toxins, with water, which is life, and of course, follow your government recommendations, however, humans, which include all our doctors, and the government truly do not know the unknown and how to solve this problem of covid. The vaccine is like a war of 40,000 against 120,000 and the RNA is always changing. It’s a fight and now the vaccine is protecting against the string protein that attaches to human cells however the RNA is constantly changing. As it is an evil, that will always be here, and ready to pop out at any time to go against life. Conquer your fear and protect your health with meditation and lots of water.

All will be fine one day, but in the meantime, it’s important to obey the laws of life, such as live magnificent and glorious, give to others what you can, and always forgive and give thanks and be greateful. Lots of meditation, lots of water, and believe that all will be fine, including your sickness, and Dr. Joe Dispenza says, and many other experts do, the Mind is the most powerful tool to fight anything.. as all we have is there, and all there ever will be is there, so let’s make the most of it in these dark times where evil is upon us and we must believe it will be all be good in the end.

The 3 three things you must do to fight Covid Omicron Variant is:

1. Lots of Meditation for the Mind and the spirit in your mind.

2. Drink lots of water, the life which you consist of is 85% to cleanse your body.

3. Follow your government recommendations and respect the authority in which you live.

Thank You

Graham Gordon Alexander Aguilar

Founder of: StayRunners Whatever Whenever Wherever 24/7