Grocery delivery in maldives

A Guide to Grocery Delivery in Maldives After COVID‑19 Crisis


While the impacts of COVID19 are still unfolding but even then we are trying to move towards the world of post covid 19.

People still, required to follow the trends of new normal like to stay at home and maintain social distancing, etc.

Due to this, a new living trend has eventually generated the demand of getting groceries delivered to their doorstep.

Now at challenging locations like the Maldives, our stayrunners team has come out and performed as superheroes by providing the service of 24 hours grocery delivery among many other heroes of this COVID-19 crisis. 

As we know, the Maldives with sun-kissed beaches and boutique luxury resorts, this island is famous for its natural elegance and beautiful corals.

People often call the Maldives ‘The Tropical Paradise’ for a very obvious reason and that is its physical attractiveness.

This elegant place is all surrounded by islands and every island has pure white sandy beaches.  

However, when the people of Maldives urgently need something then they only have the option to rely on those items which are available in the hotels as well as few shops present over here as the only means of transport are speedboats and ferries as well.

Thus, it becomes very difficult to be open and available as a 24-hour grocery store but not for the stayrunner superheroes.

Because they are rapidly optimizing their existing system for meeting the current challenge of grocery delivery male city.

Along with maintaining a safe and secure environment for employees as well as its members.

Grocery delivery maldives

Further, every city has some special & famous food recipes which become favorite for every citizen & tourists as well.

Here the people of Maldives and tourists mainly like Eating:

  • Bis Keemiya (samosa),
  • Garudhiya (fragrant fish soup),
  • Saagu Bondibai (sago pudding),
  • Boshi Mashuni (banana flower salad),
  • Huni roshi (chapati bread)

Which could have been difficult for the people to grad in the middle of lockdown but it wasn’t much difficult.

This is because of Stayrunners superheroes efforts who continuously deliver the grocery items & foods in Rasdu, Maldives at their doorsteps.

Grocery delivery maldives

During this whole pandemic situation, stayrunners have kept the health and safety of team members.

As well as people of Maldives on its top priority. And are still doing the same by working around the clock in order to supply the dramatic increase in the demand of the customers for grocery delivery


Here the bottom line is, if we see it in the long run then it is found that the new normal trends are going to be followed by people further in the future also as the current situation has already changed the customers’ demands and habits as well. 

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