369 and the Mind

Of all my Blogs, I think i can leave this little bit of understanding to the world in a way that I will feel grateful that i am and will always be here at one moment in time. When it all began whenever that was, there was always a negative and a positive.

Weather it be the poles of the earth, or the tesla motor, all things are either repelled or attracted by magnetism. But here is the kicker: what does all this have to do with the mind?

You see the mind also has extremes, there is the extreme happiness, belief in good things, with peace love and prosperity, and then there is the other, burning hell of misery thinking anxiety, stress, hate, revenge and gut fulling anger towards others.

This can all be explained through the laws of 3, 6, 9 or the number of creation 3, and the sign of all negative 6 with the final destination of 9 being the infinite. 3, 6, and 9. As one can see those numbers, one can also see that it can all be reflected from one extreme to the other. You can have a mind full of 6, full of the negative, or the mind full of obstacles, full of anger stopping from where you want and need to go, or the 9, where you are reaching higher and higher up the mountain, with all starting with 3, as the mind, giving your body a thought, and that thought transfers into action from the body. Hence 3 is the number of creation: the mind, the body and the soul, or God Jesus and You, or You the spirit and the flesh, its all in the beginning with 3. In any circle, you have the total of the angle always adding up to 9. You have pie in the circle which is infinite represents that there is no perfect circle, either from the most finite or the most infinite circle, pie is a number of great importance. This number represents the infinite, not that 9 is infinite, but PIE is infinite, there is no end to PIE. And that is the basis of our mind as it can go infinite PIE with no end to the positive, and with smaller and smaller radiuses, there is no amount small enough that a circle can go. So PIE is the connection fo magnetism of the extreme positive to negative and negative to positive, so is the mind of what bliss one can have, and what evil thoughts. So as long as you believe one or the other or something in between that is where you will be, as what you are is what you believe and if you believe in jesus christ, your saviour as the one leading you and the one that can take you to heaven through belief, though shall be saved and brought to heaven through the living words of jesus, the bible, amen.