24 Hours Alcohol Delivery and After Hours Liquor Delivery (Saint Barthélemy )

StayRunners Alcohol 24 Hours Liquor Store Delivery for Saint Barthélemy. Welcomes You. Are the Liquor Stored Closed in Saint Barthélemy? Do you need some alcohol Delivered anywhere in Saint Barthélemy? StayRunners offers 24 Hour Alcohol Delivery anywhere in Saint Barthélemy 24 Hours a day. Friends with Fridges are the After Hours Solution. They are fellow citizens that have some extra liquor in their possession that they are willing to give away in exchange for a delivery fee.

They have the famous brands in their fridges at home and keep the most popular brands. Smirnoff, Whiteclaw, Budweiser, Kokanee, Molson, Corona for Beer. Cooers Nutrl and Nude. Liquors Smirnoff Vodka Absolute Vodka Gre Goose Vodka Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Jose Cuervo Tequila and Bacardi Rum.

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Keep the Good times going in Kelowna with a Friend with A Fridge!

The 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store was a Canadian Invention. Friends with Fridges are people who have some extra liquor kicking around their house for the purpose of personal consumption and gifting. So basically they are not selling their liquor, they are gifting their personal liquor and what they expect in return is a TIP. This way no consideration is given and the purpose of the liquor is to keep you safe wherever you are and not get behind the wheel and put others at risk. We all want the good times to keep on going so if you are a t a party or a wedding or any event and want to continue to consume, as long as you are over the legal age limit and sober at the time of receipt, you can receive this gift.

Just like in the Bible the first miracle of Jesus is he turned water into wine when the wedding ran out of wine. Our Friends with Fridges are doing the same thing for you in todays times as Spirits can uplift your spirit to socialize, to be happier, of course all in moderation as the Bible says.

StayRunners also offers 24 Hours Weed, Cigarette, Food, and Vape Delivery.

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