24 hour Legal Alcohol deliveries in Tampa

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot to go to the liquor store or you ran out of liquor and you need a delivery once the liquor store is closed? Normally when the liquor runs out and we want to keep the good times going with beer wine whisky vodka, we drive or catch a taxi or an uber to a friend’s place and keep the good times going.

Last night, personally in Vancouver when the patio bar closed and none of us were ready to go home, I told my friends that I have a 12 pack of beer in my fridge and why don’t we go to my place and polish them off and have a bit more conversation before the night ends. We all walked to my place. However, what happens in the situation when none of us had beer or anything in our fridges? If only we could expand our friend network with other friends that have liquor in their fridge so that we can call them or find them and they deliver their liquor and charge us a delivery fee.

Welcome to the world of StayRunners, the virtual liquor store with friends with fridges across the United States and Canada. StayRunners has a very large friend network that they have assembled so that when people call their number or visit their website, they get a call back from one of StayRunners Concierge Helpers that can connect the caller or visitor with a friend with fridge in their database that has some extra liquor at their home that they can give away in exchange for a delivery fee.

It is perfectly legal in Canada and the United States to purchase liquor at your local liquor store, store it in your house or apartment as much as you want for your own personal consumption, and you can share it with friends under two key conditions under the Federal, State, Provincial, and City laws: that the person receiving the liquor is over the legal drinking age and is not intoxicated at the time of delivery. Friends with Fridges can charge a delivery fee for the liquor they are giving away to the person and can charge the amount that is charged and negotiated is as much or as little as he or she wants for the delivery. The Friend with a Fridge can also receive payment in the form of cash, paypal, credit card, bitcoin, or whatever currency he or she feels is appropriate and whatever form of payment is agreeable by the person receiving the liquor. StayRunners then charges a referral fee to the Friend with a Fridge for any person that is referred and the delivery was successful.

One call away

We’re just one call away +17782448695. Our representatives will quote a delivery fee/confirm your order and our runners will provide you the ETA. We will also deliver cigarettes or vapes, just stay at home and let us know, and our runners will deliver. StayRunners is helping fellow Citizens and new travelers using our contactless quarantine deliveries as well.

StayRunners is different from the rest since they empower the Friend with the Fridge to truthful have their own Business by charging delivery fees in a legal way, keeping the good times going, drivers safe at home, and collect feels like any delivery company such as Fedex or UPS.

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