24 Hour Alcohol Liquor Store Delivery Near Me Kelowna British Columbia

Keep the Good Times Going Kelowna!!! Beer Wine Vodka Rum Whisky and more to keep the streets safe and everything in moderation 24/7 to your door.

StayRunners Friends with Fridges is your street to building your dream store. The 24 Hour Virtual Liquor store allows you to have your own alcohol, vapes, and cannabis in your possession to gift for a tip 24/7.

We have also invented the MORE you BUY the LESS you PAY…solving the 24 Hour On Demand Delivery Service issue worldwide. Now you can get whatever you need fast to your door as long as you are over the legal age and not intoxicated at the time of receipt.

WINE VODKA BEER WHISKY CONGAC anything you need fast to your door. Your Friend with Fridge all he is asking for is a TIP which you pay on delivery.

24 Hour Alcohol Delivery Near Me – Kelowna

The 24 Hour Liquor Store is your Store to serve you in the Virtual World, by allowing regular focus to run to the liquor store before its closed and store some extra alcohol in their fridge to gift to people for a tip as long as they are over the legal age limit and not intoxicated and legal to possess in their city.

This is the fundamental basic principle of a Friend with a Fridge as when Jesus came to this earth, you brought peace to all and his first miracle at the wedding was to turn water into wine when the wine ran out. He kept the good times going and this is our main goal, to be the super heros of the night, to keep the streets safe and give the freedoms back to the people.

Friends with Fridges buy from their local stores, licensed stores, and pay their tax at the time of purchase, then collect a tip from you and be free to give a tip on top of the tip as they drive the streets at night to bring you want you need faster and cheaper than anyone else.